Reunions at one of the Best Places to Stay in Myrtle Beach

Family on Beach

Looking for the perfect spot to have your 2013 family reunion in Myrtle Beach? Well look no further, Springmaid Beach Resort is one of the best Myrtle Beach Hotels on Ocean Blvd. They have a several large meeting rooms that would be perfect for your family reunion. Plus the added comfort of having the whole family staying in one hotel is that the kids always have someone to play with. Springmaid Beach is considered one of the most affordable hotels in Myrtle Beach, so it won’t kill your budget to plan your reunion here either.

Ideally located right on the oceanfront, Springmaid Beach is the perfect hotel to spend all day lounging out one the golden sandy beaches in Myrtle Beach. If you get bored swimming or making sandcastles, the Springmaid Beach Pier has a wonderful bar & grille, gift shop and, of course, pier where you can spend the day fishing.  You can always hang out in any of Springmaid Beach Resort’s eight pools or playing at the arcade or miniature golf courses if you don’t like the sand at the beach.

Myrtle Beach is a great town to have a family reunion in. There are tons of family-friendly attractions including amusement parks, shopping centers and tons of miniature golf courses. Springmaid Beach can even set you up at some of the best restaurants with group buffets or discounted ticket packages to some of the best attractions. Springmaid beach even has a handy reunion planner with information about why you should come to Myrtle Beach and a planning itinerary to make your family reunion in Myrtle Beach as smooth as possible. If you think a Myrtle Beach Family reunion is a great idea, call any of our friendly and helpful staff members with questions or to get started on planning your family reunion with Springmaid Beach resorts.