What People Are Saying

Testimonials from past instructors and attendees.

Springmaid Beach Watermedia Workshops are for those students who are looking for more than a superficial learning experience. This series is certainly the Cadillac of Watermedia Workshops for it brings together outstanding instructors who not only can create fine art but help the students to grow in conceptual and applied directions.

The handsome facility is physically easy for all including the handicapped. Morning walks on the beach are a popular activity. Staff has always been friendly and helpful. Students bring an energy and eagerness to learn that keeps the instructors on their toes. I have taught at Springmaid for many years and consider it my favorite place to teach. They, and everyone of us who teach, are constantly looking for ways to keep improving what we have to offer.

– Marilyn Hughey Phillis; A.W.S., N.W.S.; Instructor

It was an honor and privilege to be affiliated with the 2005 Springmaid Beach Watermedia Workshop series. Having conducted watercolor workshops for over 35 years, it is easy for me to say that the Springmaid workshop went beyond all levels of expectation and was without question, the best of the best. The camaraderie among the staff and students was exceptionally warm and genuine, the facilities were state of the art, the fellow instructors were very competent and professional, and the food was superb.

– Frederick C. Graff; A.W.S., N.W.S., T.W.S.A.; Instructor

“I think Springmaid Art Workshops are a fantastic opportunity for painters to have time to be completely immersed in their art. This is a rare happening since in our lives we are so busy and we become so distracted with all the things going on around us. At Myrtle Beach we have no such distractions. The food is there, a comfortable room is there and we are challenged with a myriad of new and exciting ideas and inspiration each day. If you want this special and unique chance to expand your talent and horizons come to Springmaid.”

– Mary Todd Beam, Instructor

“…….to regenerate your creative spirit nothing compares to the Springmaid experience. Immerse yourself, pamper yourself, with no responsibilities other than to your own artistic growth for one two or three weeks. You deserve it! ”

– Carla O’Connor, A.W.S., N.W.S., D.F., Instructor

“Springmaid Workshops are special because they include top-notch painting instruction, a positive program, housing, meals and Southern Hospitality in a resort setting.”

– Glenn R. Bradshaw, A.W.S., N.W.S., N.A., Instructor

Springmaid Beach Watercolor Workshops are a delight to teach at. The spacious rooms with an ocean view, the students’ energy, and attentiveness to details by the staff have made it a most enjoyable experience for me as an instructor. It is truly a family atmosphere that continues to draw many repeat students over the years. By having numerous instructors each week, students are able to draw on the learning experience from others outside their classroom. It is a topnotch organization.

– Eric Wiegardt, N.W.S., Instructor

I have been attending Springmaid Watercolor Workshops since the beginning. The staff is friendly and helpful, the variety and quality of the instructors excellent. The classrooms overlooking the ocean wonderful. The food excellent; and the pier, hospitality room and clean beach are just a few of the extra’s. I highly recommend the Workshops. We started with one week, Then two and now three.

– Jane Paden, Attendee

“Springmaid is one of the best things that has happened in my life. Friendships that have lasted through the years are renewed yearly, ideas are shared, and energy flows, especially in the open studio sessions. It is undoubtedly the best “workshop” in the country. More than the usual or expected, it is a happening that encompasses classes, meals, programs, housing, transportation to/from airport, activities for non-painters, social hours, etc. Wish it could be kept a secret!!!!!!”

– Elsie Boyce, Attendee

“Whether you’re a novice artist or an experienced artist, Springmaid workshops have instructors who can guide and enhance your skills as a painter. Art instructors, such as Gerald Brommer, Janet Walsh, Carrie Brown and Mary Todd Beam continue to inspire and give individual attention to each artist’s needs and goals. The staff and facilities are excellent. I now own the Hamlet Art Gallery in Charleston, S.C., and have two daughters who are emerging artists – can’t wait for them to attend the workshops.”

– Stephanie Shuler Hamlet, Attendee

“The thing that makes Springmaid workshops better than most others is the fact that all your daily necessities are provided for you– lodging, all meals and snacks, uncrowded studio space, and social hours– all in one facility, giving you more time to paint and learn. The instructors are top notch and the beach is at your front door.

– Dale Ziegler, Pennsylvania, Attendee

“I absolutely love going to the Springmaid Beach watercolor workshops! My first workshop was with Carrie Brown, and since then I have studied with many of the excellent instructors who are outstanding artists, gifted teachers and caring individuals. I have a full-time job, but nevertheless make it a priority to attend twice a year–usually for one week, occasionally for two. These workshops provide a marvelous setting where creativity abounds, individuality in artistic expression is encouraged, friendships are formed, and everyone ends the week with renewed enthusiasm and a determination to come back again as soon as possible. I already have a week in November blocked out on my calendar!”

– Melinda Mathews, Attendee

“Of all the workshops I have attended (over a dozen), Springmaid Beach offers the best value and quality. First of all, it offers an extraordinary range of contemporary artists–a veritable fine arts smorgasbord of art style, talent, and teaching approaches. Nowhere else can you find such high caliber set of contemporary watercolor artists.

Secondly, it is organized in such a way that you can explore the style of the many artists while you get the focused expertise of your Art Instructor of choice in your workshop. This opportunity is invaluable.

Thirdly, you get to build a network of kindred spirits who speak your art language, and while at Springmaid you get to bond with them in a collegial atmosphere. Fourth, the accommodations are great (roomy, clean) and the food gets a 4-star rating. It is wonderful to be on gorgeous Myrtle Beach and not have to worry about getting food for ourselves, tidying our rooms, etc. We are freed of chores so we are free to paint to our heart’s content.

Lastly, Springmaid offers an array of extracurricular activities in which we’re encouraged to participate if we so desire–and that is nice, for we get to go on local jaunts and/or attend stellar presentations by instructors and artist colleagues, alike. In short, the experience is an exceptional value at an affordable price. Kudos to Claudia Thompson, her staff and the Resort staff for crafting an ambiance conducive to creativity, friendship, comfort, and exploration.”

– Elaine Weiner-Reed, Attendee

“In 1989 I attended my first Springmaid Beach Watercolor Workshop, and now in 2005 I hope that I never graduate from “Paint Camp”. The insructors are excellent, the studios and hotel rooms are ocean front and you have all the food and drink that you can wish for. The other artists and staff have become a second family. As my husband says “It’s the best time share on the East Coast.”

-Abby Rudisill, Attendee