Myrtle Beach Resorts: Top Five Vacation Necessities


All sorts of things go into planning an amazing beach vacation. Picking out the perfect vacation location, hotel and activities is only half the battle. There are so many little things that are needed for a vacation that are so easy to forget. Myrtle Beach resorts want to make sure you have the best vacation possible. Here is a handy list of five items you have to bring with you on a Myrtle Beach vacation (besides the obvious swimsuit and flip flops).

1. Sense of Humor– This is by far the most important thing on the list. Nothing ruins a vacation faster then someone getting mad over something really trivial.  Living in Myrtle Beach year-round, I have seen vacationers get pissed off over things like long-lines at Wal-Mart or slow service at a restaurant. Myrtle Beach is busy in the summer and there is going to be traffic and waits. Don’t let it get you upset, remember you are still on vacation and a lot of people don’t even get one of those.

2. Sunscreen– I have made this mistake numerous times. The sun’s rays are much stronger at the beach and the reflection off the water just makes it worse. Make sure to bring sunscreen, even if you never burn and even if you are only going to be out for thirty minutes. One really bad sunburn can ruin an entire beach vacation.

3. Beach Towels– Like sunscreen this seems self-explanatory, if you are heading to the beach – you need towels. Buy towels at home and bring them with you. Sure you can buy beach towels in town, but everything in town tends to be much more expensive.

4. Cheap Sunglasses– Sunglasses are one of the most often lost things during a beach vacation. People leave them everywhere: the beach, hotels, restaurants, attractions, park benches, etc. You don’t want to lose a pair of $300 designer sunglasses during your vacation. Invest in a few cheap pairs to come with you to the beach instead.

5. GPS– The Myrtle Beach area can be a little tricky to navigate: many roads have similar sounding names or change names through intersections; there is the north section of Myrtle Beach and the city of North Myrtle Beach. Bring a GPS or use the GPS in your phone to navigate the area. Nothing causes more accidents in the Grand Strand then someone pulling a U-turn or cutting off traffic because they are going to miss their turn. The GPS will make it much easier for everyone.

Pack these necessities and your vacation is sure to be a breeze. Make your summer vacation unforgettable with an amazing oceanfront hotel and great last minute deals to Myrtle Beach.