Kristy Kutch

Draw, Brush, Flow and Spatter with Watersoluble Pencils

All Levels

Kristy will feature the many dimensions of this excitingly vivid, versatile, and non-toxic medium for artists of all
Kristy Kutch Art levels of experience. With studio demonstrations and access to a generous supply of sample materials, artists will explore a wide range of watersoluble colored pencil techniques: layering, texturizing, lifting, spattering, grating, and luscious wet-into-wet effects. Watercolor pencils, watersoluble ink-like pencils, and watersoluble wax pastels will be featured. Watersoluble drawing materials are fascinating and offer tremendous possibilities to both the drawing artist who loves fluid color and the watercolorist who enjoys the control of “pigment in a point.” Venture into colored pencil painting on a wide range of surfaces: watercolor paper, colored pastel papers, and multiple-medium art boards.

Krusty KutchKristy Kutch is a graduate of Purdue University, in West Lafayette, Indiana, with bachelor’s and master’s degrees in education, as well as a life license in teaching. Her instructional book, Drawing and Painting with Colored Pencil, was featured as a main selection for the North Light Book Club. She has a DVD, Colored Pencil Landscapes: Beyond the Basics and is a contributor to The Best of Colored Pencil 1, 3, and 5Creative Colored Pencil; Design: Illustration; The Best of Business Card Design 3 and 5; Creating Radiant Flowers in Colored Pencil; Exploring Color (revised edition); Floral Inspirations, and Colored Pencil Explorations. Her work was also recently featured in the French art magazine, Pratique des Arts.

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