Katherine Chang Liu

Open Painting/Critique Studio

Second Session – Intermediate to Advanced
Katherine Chang Liu ArtThis session is for artists who need a thorough evaluation of his/her body of work to date. The workshop is set up like a working studio; artists work independently in their own approaches in any watermedia. The participant provides no more than twelve slides or actual paintings of recent work for an in-depth private discussion of his or her strengths and individuality. A second private critique, derived from work done in class, will suggest adjustments, if any, to the artists’ visual language. The week will end with group critique.

Katherine Chang LiuKatherine Chang Liu N.W.S., is a full-time exhibiting artist whose recent shows are in the US and Europe. Aside from teaching and serving as juror for competitive shows, Katherine has been working as an invited curator for galleries in Santa Fe, San Francisco and Santa Monica. She has been teaching at Springmaid since 1987.

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