Jean Grastorf

Designing with Pattern and Texture

Intermediate to Advanced

Using her signature style of pouring transparent watercolor, Jean will lead the class toward stronger designs and composition.
Jean Grastorf Art Simplification of the underlying abstract pattern for unity and the addition of textures for interest will be covered. Demonstrations and personal attention to each student’s goal will be part of the daily schedule. Working from the student’s own resource materials, subject matter may be representational, abstract or anywhere in between. Flowing pigments and creative color will help break those pre-conceived ideas of what a painting “should look like”.

Jean GrastorfJean Grastorf, A.W.S., N.W.S., T.W.S.A., was recently named as one of American’s best teachers by Watercolor Magazine. NorthLight books recently released the third edition of Pouring Light, Layering Transparent Watercolor and two videos on pouring watercolors and abstracts with texture. She was awarded Gold awards from the Transparent Watercolor Society of America in 2008 and the Florida Watercolor Society in 2009.

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