Harold Gregor

Master Class

First Session – Advanced

This master class is designed for accomplished, self-motivated artists who are interested in expanding their Harold Gregor Artthinking about watermedia as an aesthetic enterprise. Participants may work in any watermedia desired. Individual critiques will be scheduled to discuss not only the paintings done in class but also to review the participant’s previous work. To this end, each participant is asked to bring representative samples of their art in the form of slides, digital photos, or if convenient, one or two actual paintings. Individual critiques will involve discussions about artistic options, personal goals, aesthetic concerns and art thinking.

Harold GregorHarold Gregor, Distinguished Professor of Art, Emeritus, at Illinois State University, taught painting, color theory and art history for 35 years, receiving the Burlington-Northern Award for excellence in teaching. He is the recipient of a 1993-94 National Endowment for the Arts grant, the 1993 Illinois Academy of Fine Arts Lifetime Achievement Award, and the 2006 National Watercolor Honor Society (WHS) Lifetime Achievement Award. American Artist Watercolor Magazine featured him in Summer 2008.

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