Gerald Brommer

Developing Unique Surfaces for Watermedia Work

All Levels
Gerald Brommer ArtThis new workshop emphasizes the development and use of incredibly rich, textured surfaces. “Build” becomes a key word, because the uniqueness of the surfaces lies in the variety of materials gathered for use in the process. Anything is usable – papers, fabrics, metals, cardboard, washi, paper towels, napkins, dried flowers, wood, string, lace, etc. Once this exciting surface is developed artists then use white gesso before the drying process.

Color is applied with transparent watercolor, acrylic paint, or both. Experiment with something else – it’s your choice – the sky is the limit!! The entire process is incredibly exciting and challenging, it is a new and unexplored direction in watermedia work. Come and explore, enjoy and create!!

Gerald BrommerGerald F. Brommer, N.W.S., A.W.S., W.C.W.S., R.M.N.W.S., is author of numerous books and articles in art educational journals. His most recent book,Emotional Content: How to Create Paintings that Communicate, was published in 2003. Jerry has twelve instructional video tapes, including Watercolor in Action-Responding to Nature and Exploring Watercolor from Location to Studio.

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