Evolution of Springmaid Beach Resort


Colonel Springs purchased 27 acres of oceanfront property in Myrtle Beach, SC  began building Springmaid Beach Resort, which was similarly structured to military barracks.

The original concept was a resort containing rooms which had built-in concrete beds with twin-sized foam mattresses and were cleaned by taking the mattresses out and hosing down the room and porch.

Guests brought their own towels and sheets and were required to make their own beds.

The cost of these rooms was $2.00 per night, or $1.00 per bed.

A large cafeteria was built and the food was prepared at the commissary in Lancaster, SC, and trucked to the beach daily.

A full-fledged kitchen was built and the meals were prepared on site and served in the original cafeteria.


The original fishing pier was built in 1954 and destroyed by Hurricane Hazel.


The resort’s first semi-private rooms were built and consisted of two hotel rooms adjoined by a common bath.


The pier was rebuilt and soon after was destroyed by an airplane.


Springmaid Beach’s first private rooms were built in 1966


The administration office was built and four two-story buildings of private guestrooms were constructed along Springmaid Boulevard.These buildings were the first at the resort to have air conditioning.

A new pier was built on the north end of Springmaid Beach but was destroyed in 1989 by Hurricane Hugo.


It was reconstructed and remains standing today offering guests a fabulous spot for fishing and a breathtaking view of the Atlantic Ocean.

Over the years, other recreational facilities were added to the resort such as swimming pools, shuffleboard courts and game rooms.

Some of the older rooms were demolished and construction began on two additional three-story buildings. These buildings contained televisions, which were eventually added to all of the rooms.


Phones were not placed in any of the rooms until 1990.


Out with the old and in with the new! Our floor-to-ceiling designer guest room renovation brings a whole new look and feel to Springmaid Beach Tradition. Take a peek on our Renovations Page to see the new and exciting changes at Springmaid Beach Resort!